science - charles darwin
Updated: 5/22/2020
science - charles darwin
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  • Hey I am Charles Darwin and this is my life!
  • I was born in 1809 and I grew up in a religious household. I trained as a doctor in school but later realised I am much more passionate about animals and plants so I became a naturalist
  • In 1831, I then went on a journey which lasted 5 days! The journey is commonly known as 'Voyage of the Beagle'. On this journey, I collected plants, animals and rocks from around the world to take to England
  • I also took this hand dandy journal with me to write my observations such as some similarities of rocks and plants and animals!
  • I mean look at them! Aren't they adorable?
  • I then landed in Galapogos island and I soon made some observations such as how the beaks of finches were different in different islands as well as the environments.
  • I believe these finches are related to common ancestors from Chile, where I observed some familiar finches
  • Throughout my journey I used my journal a lot! I wrote down examples and compared living organisms and fossils. I believe that they come from the same ancestors even though they are extinct!
  • I also believe that all organisms have a common ancestor and gradually change overtime. This is now, proudly know as the theory of evolution!
  • As I noticed that there was often variations between organisms, I thought that the animals have a greater chance of living when they are suited to a particular environment. Therefore, they are more likely to reproduce producing offspring with similar characteristics to their own parents!
  • This is known as 'natural selection' or 'survival or the fittest'. My ideas were criticised when the public first heard it, sometimes I believe it's due to religious reasons, but that didn't stop me!
  • Look where I am now! Someone is making a comic strip about me! Anyways, this is my life, I hope you enjoyed the journey!
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