Hanging out with friends
Updated: 11/15/2020
Hanging out with friends

Storyboard Text

  • ok guys we're at my house!
  • oh my god ok fun!
  • this is about to be a fun hangout
  • lets go to my room and watch some tv
  • hey, thanks so much for inviting us over!
  • hey thats a great idea!
  • Let's all have a sleepover guys!!
  • Friends arrive at their friends Susans house
  • ok goodnight guys talk to you tommorrow
  • goodnight friends!
  • The friends arrive inside Susan's house
  • guys come down, breakfast is ready!
  • They are hanging out in Susan's bedroom, and they all decide to have a sleepover.
  • good morning everyone
  • good morning guys! lets eat breakfast now!
  • The friends are about to go to bed...
  • The next morning....
  • Friends are eating breakfast