social studies - legend of maui 2021
Updated: 3/15/2021
social studies - legend of maui 2021

Storyboard Text

  • Maui's three brothers set out on a fishing trip, Maui was not invited because they said he was too young. Maui hid in the bottom of his brothers boat. Once they were out at sea his brothers discovered Maui hiding.
  • Maui used his magic powers to make the shoreline much further away than it was, so his brothers wouldn't take him back.
  • The brothers kept rowing and once they were out far enough, Maui dropped his magic fish hook over the side of their waka. And after a while he felt a very strong tug on the line.
  • The tug seemed to be too big for any normal fish, Maui called to his brothers for help. After a lot of straining and pulling, up suddenly surfaced Te Ika a Maui which is now known as the North Island of NZ.
  • Maui said the Gods might be angry about this, so Maui went to go make peace with the Gods. But when Maui left the brothers began to argue with each other about the possession of this new land.