The Cruicible
Updated: 5/12/2020
The Cruicible
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End of Act 1 CHARACTERS: two ministers Parris and Hale, the landowner Thomas Putnam, Abigail, aged 19and Betty Parris aged 10

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  • Thomas Putnam
  • The Crucible
  • Mr. Parris
  • Abigail (19) and Betty (10)
  • Mr. Hale
  • Tituba
  • Ohhh Betty...! What has come over you?
  • This woman must be hanged!
  • I don't compact with no devil!
  • When did you compact with the devil?
  • End of Act 1CHARACTERS: two ministers, Parris and Hale, the landowner Thomas Putnam, Abigail (aged 19), Betty Parris (aged 10) and Tituba (slave woman)
  • Aye Sir, a good Christian woman.
  • Did you ever see Sarah Good with him or Osburn?
  • Who came with him?
  • You would be a good Christan woman, would you not, Tituba?
  • Betty is lying on a bed and seems to be very ill.
  • Salem witches?
  • And we will bless you, Tituba.
  • Tituba gets questioned by Mr. Parris, Mr. Hale and Thomas Putnam, the landowner about compacting with the devil. Tituba diputes it. She is convinced someone else is witchin the children.
  • Kill me?!
  • Ohh nooo!
  • Mr. Hale wants Tituba to open herself. Afterwards the three man wanted to know who had accompanied the devil. Tituba thinks it's a woman. She isn't sure because it was dark.
  • Mr. Parris thinks the woman was a salem witch. Mr. Hale starts being nice to Tituba. He takes her hand and tells her she must have no fear. Tituba confess herself to witchcraft and Mr. Hale is convinced that Tituba is selected to help them cleanse their village.
  • Oh, God bless you, Mr. Hale!
  • Mr. Hale is interested in how many persons accompany the devil. Tituba says there were four. Mr. Parris wants to know the names of those. Tituba answers that the devil wants her to kill Mr. Parris. But she didn't because she don't hate Mr. Parris although the devil promised her freedom. Finally it turned out that the two myserious persons were Sarah Good and Goody Osburn.
  • Oh, how many times he bid me to kill you, Mr. Parris!
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