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Foundations of Matter and Chemistry
Updated: 9/14/2020
Foundations of Matter and Chemistry
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  • Everyday when I wake up I get ready for school. I eat breakfast which is a chemical change because I am digesting and changing the chemical properties of the food.
  • Before I leave for school I fill up my water bottles for tennis. I fill them up with ice and water so they stay cold but by the time I am done with school the ice as a solid has turned into a liquid.
  • At school I take Chemistry as a class so I am able to learn all about chemistry. I get to see cool chemical reactions, and I get to learn about matter and much more.
  • After school I go to tennis practice and I drink water which is a chemical change when I swallow it. After hitting a tennis ball a lot I start to notice it changes what it looks like because it looses the hair on it which is a physical change because it still remains a tennis ball.
  • Sometimes after tennis or on the weekends I bake something like cookies or cupcakes. Baking is a great example of a chemical reaction because after mixing ingredients and putting them in intense heat they create something very delicious.
  • After I am done with the day and I have completed my homework, I get ready for bed and brush my teeth which is a chemical reaction because the alkaline in toothpaste neutralizes the acids produced by bacteria in are mouth which can help prevent tooth decay.
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