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Updated: 9/3/2020
English Fanfiction

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  • Dad is mom ever going to come home?
  • Yes, sweetie I know you miss her, I miss her too.
  • I know she’s strong but its almost my tenth birthday and I really want her to be there.
  • Your mom is a very strong woman and she’ll be out of hospital in no time.
  • You can visit her if she isn’t out yet.
  • Okay, is it fine if I go through her old stuff?
  • I can't find it anywhere, maybe I should ask mom.
  • Whats in that box, it looks like two drawings and a journal.
  • This journal is about a magical Pashmina that takes you places maybe if i find it i can go to Italy
  • Sure Honey!
  • Hi Mom, I'm so happy to see you. Can i ask you something?
  • Okay, I think I left it under the bed.
  • I found your journal about the Pashmina and I was wondering if i could use it to go to Italy?