Updated: 5/22/2020

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Reformation story board

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  • What were the Abuses in the Catholic Church around 1500?
  • Ah yes I think that’s correct, thank you Michael!
  • I believe there were 5 main Abuses at this time, Nepitism, Pluralism, Simony, Absenteeism, the Sale of Indulgances
  • I stuck a letter of the “95 Theses” on a Church at Wittenburg Castle.
  • Hello! My name is Martin-Luther. I was born in 1483 in Germany. I joined the Augustine Order and became a Priest.
  • People believed I was true and soon after I died in 1549, things were cleared up for the Chuch
  • I believed the only way to heaven was by faith and faith alone. People were buying Indulgances to get into heaven.
  • Pope Leo X told me to stop. I did not and so the Diet of Worms came up, I was excommunicated from the Church
  • The long-term causes due to the reformation after I died were
  • Wealth of the Church, Influence of the Renaissance, the printing press, Abuses in the Catholic Church and the power of the kings and princes..
  • Other Reformers include John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli and Henry VII and the reformation in England
  • Hello!! We are the other Reformers
  • Counter Reformation
  • The reform of the Catholic Church was an important result / conquest of the Protestant Reformation.
  • As Protestantism spread, the Catholic Church was faced with a crisis..
  • It had to control the spread of Protestant faiths, or else it would continue to loose followers.
  • The Council or Trents, the Jesuits, the Inquisitions, Division of Christianity, Churches and architecture,
  • Tolerance and intolerance, Education and Religious wars were all part conquests of the reformation.
  • Conquests of the Reformation