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The outsiders
Updated: 11/7/2018
The outsiders
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Park scene

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  • Johnny: You're outta your territory. You'd better watch it.
  • Bob: Hey look its thoses greasers that picked up our girls. Hey, greasers.
  • Bob: You could use a bath, greaser. and a good working over. And we've got all night to do it. Give the kid a bath David.
  • It was around 2:30 am. Johnny and Ponyboy were heading back home and went to the park.
  • All of a sudden five socs appered, very drunk, surronding us against the fountain.
  • The socs continued to call tgem bad names like white trash with long hair. Then Pny fired back calling them white trash with Mustangs and Madras.
  • Johnny: I killed him, I killed that boy.
  • I ducked and tried to run for it, but the Soc caught my arm and twisted it behind my back, and shoved my face into the fountain. I fought, but the hand at the back of my neck was strong and I had to hold my breath. I'm dying, I thought, and wondered what was happening to Johnny. I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I fought again desprately but only sucked in water. Im drowning I thought, they've gone too far... A red haze filled my mind and I slowly relaxed.
  • The next thing I knew I was lying on the pavementbeside the fountain, coughing water and gasping. I lay there weakly, breathing in ar and spitting out water. The Wind blasted through my soaked sweat shirt and dripping hair. My teeth chattered unceasingly and I couldn't stop them.
  • I finally pushed myself up and leaned back against the fountain, the water running down my face. Then I saw Johnny. He was sitting next to me, one elbow on his knee and staring straight ahead. He was a Strange greenish-white, and his eyes were huger than I'd ever seen them.
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