Chapter 5B Spanish Project: the kid who fell, pt.II
Updated: 12/30/2020
Chapter 5B Spanish Project: the kid who fell, pt.II
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Storyboard That: Encouraging Creativity and Innovative Designs

By Rachelle Poth

Storyboard T​hat is a tool which offers many opportunities, not only ​for ​education, but for anyone looking to share information​,​ tell a story, or produce a product in a more visually engaging way. It is a very authentic ​tool that promotes critical thinking, communication, and creativity​. It fosters​ innovation in designing and empower​s​ students in the learning process. Students take control of how they show what they have learned and can now do with the material, in their own personal way. Each of these opportunities help to promote the integration of the new ISTE ​Student Standards.

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Storyboard Description

Spanish project example using Storyboard That

Storyboard Text

  • El médico su llevo a la sala de operaciones arreglar su muñeca y le dan puntadas.
  • El médico se lleva a la sala de recuperación y pone un yeso en su muñeca.
  • ¡Sentía todo major!
  • El médico le recetó medicina para el dolor.