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Updated: 5/18/2020
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  • Introduction
  • Today I am taking the multiple intelligence quiz to determine my top 3 scores.
  • Verbal/linguistic, Logical/mathematical, Visual/spatial, Bodily/kinesthetic, Musical/rhythmic, INTER-personal, INTRA-personal, Naturalist
  • Multiple Intelligence Quiz
  • I wonder what my intelligences are, and how they apply to my life and future occupation
  • Results
  • 1. INTER-personal2. INTRA-personal3. Visual/Spatial
  • The theory of multiple intelligence was created by Howard Gardner in 1983, and proposed 8 different types of intelligence, each applying to everyone in varying strengths.
  • Top Intelligence
  • Task: Get in groups and complete project
  • Emma PM 650969
  • It's simple, doing the quiz to find my top 3 intelligences will help me find an occupation that suits me best and allows me to excel because it is suited to my top scores.
  • 3rd Intelligence
  • Where am I?
  • Interpersonal intelligence means that it is easy for me to understand other feelings and I work well with other people, and do well in groups. Intrapersonal intelligence means I easily understand my own feelings and work well independently. Visual/Spatial intelligence means that I am good at working with images, reading maps/charts and visualise objects easily.
  • 5 Suitable Occupations
  • ufutf
  • So those are my top 3 intelligences, but what do they mean and when have I used them in my life?
  • An example in my life of me using my interpersonal intelligence is most group projects. I often take on the role as leader and get along with others very well. Group projects are also when I get the best marks and where I feel the most comfortable.
  • An example of me using visual/spatial intelligence in my life is when I got lost in an unfamiliar place. I ended up first going back to a spot I could remember, then I used maps and made my way home.
  • Some jobs that suit my multiple intelligences are interior design, photographer, management, public relations or counsellor