tale of two cities
Updated: 3/6/2020
tale of two cities

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  • Child gets run over and dies
  • No, my son!!
  • Miss Pross kills Madame Defarge
  • oh my god your crazy!!!
  • The wine spilling
  • I am so hungry!!!
  • In this scene the Marquis comes to the village and runs over a child. The people in the village are not happy and Gaspard(the child's father) is not happy and wants revenge. Acts like this is what lead to the peasants rising up and starting the French Revolution. The child ended up dying and his father was destroyed. The people in the village will end up getting revenge on the Marquis and kill him.
  • Madame Defarge knitting
  • Is he okay?!
  • Madame Defarge is angry and wants to put Lucie in jail so she goes looking for her but runs into Miss Pross and they start to fight. Miss Pross would do anything to protect Lucie and her family. Madame Defarge eventually pulls out a gun while they are fighting and tries to shoot Miss Pross but she grabs the gun from Defarge and shoots her. Miss pross kills Defarge but goes deaf from the loud gunshot. She continues on her day like nothing happened.
  • Manette going mad
  • Where is my bench????
  • In this scene in the village a barrel of red wine is spilled in the middle of the street. At this time in history peasants are starving and are in desperate need of food and drinks. This is proved when the wine is spilled over and all the peasants run over and start drinking it from the ground. The wine could also be used as symbolism for blood. This is because during this time the French Revolution was happening and this could have been a sign of bloodshed.
  • Long lost brother
  • Solomon my brother!
  • Barsad its you!
  • In this scene the reader meets Madame Defarge who is married to Defarge. In this she is knitting names of random people into a blanket. This is an example of foreshadow because at the time no one knows why she is knitting names into a blanket. the reader later on learns that the names have a meaning and she has a reason for picking the names that she picked. She turns out to be someone completely different than everyone thought. The names she would knit into it were of people who were going to die.
  • Who will die today?
  • In this scene Dr Manette just got done talking to Darnay and is now going mad. He is looking for his shoemakers bench which means he has relapsed. Lucie and Darnay are on there honeymoon so they are not there to help. It is up to Miss Pross and Mr Lorry to help him. They try to calm him down and suggest that they should burn his bench and tools so he doesn't go into a bad state again. He agrees and lets them burn it for Lucies sake.
  • In this scene Miss Pross is reunited with her long lost brother Solomon. Carton walks in and realizes that its really Barsad who is an undercover spy. Carton threatens Barsad and says that he will expose him if he doesn't help him carry out his plan. Barsad cant risk being exposed so he reluctantly agrees to help Carton with whatever he is planning. Carton keeps his part and keeps Barsads secret.
  • Stop! Do not say my name
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