The Times Of Islamic Expansion
Updated: 1/21/2020
The Times Of Islamic Expansion
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  • The Sunnis believed that the Caliph should be descended from Muhammads family, especially Ali the husband of Fatimah. Sunnis believed that the faithful or the leaders should elect Caliphs.Today most Muslims are Sunnis.
  • I am Abu Bakr the Caliph who was chosen by Muhammad to lead Islam after his death.
  • Abu Bakr spread Islam by beginning a series of wars in which they conquered many lands outside Arabia. This was an effective to spread religion, but not very nice.
  • The Muslims made treaties with any non-Muslims in the conquered lands that listed rules they had to follow. In return, the Muslims would not attack them.
  • We are Shias!
  • I am a Sunni!
  • The Uamayyads expanded Islam by moving their capital from Medina to Damascus, and continued to expand their empire.They took over lands in Central and Northern Asia and Eatern Mediterranean.
  • We converted to Islam.
  • i converted too.
  • The Umayyads conquered Spain in 711 in Europe and they are known as Moors.
  • We are Moors.
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