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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/27/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Sarah and Hannah are taking a walk around the town. While standing next to the chair Hannah measures the the length of the top of the chair to her feet to bet 4 feet. She then measured the chair to be 3 feet tall. Hannah asks for Sarah to determine the angle of elevation. Sarah uses the formula tan-1(3/4) and determines the angle of elevation to be 36.8.
  • Hannah and Sarah decide to keep walking around town and find more things to measure.
  • Sarah and Hannah stop at the football field. Sarah notices that the bottom of the bleachers and the ground makes a 55 degree angle and that the height of the bleachers is 12 feet. Sarah wants Hannah to determine the length of the base of the triangle. Hannah uses the formula tan55=(12/x) and determined the base of the triangle to be 8.4 feet.
  • Hannah and Sarah are going to make one more stop to test their math abilities.
  • Hannah and Sarah decide to stop by Sarah's dad's Auto Shop. Sarah notices that the ladder makes perfect triangle. Hannah measures the base of the triangle to be 2 feet. Hannah measures the top of the triangle to be 27 degrees. They both work together to figure out how tall the ladder is. Using the formula tan27=(2/x), they determine the height of the ladder to be 3.9 feet.
  • Hannah and Sarah have a sleepover and spend the whole night partying. The end.
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