FYS Comic
Updated: 2/19/2020
FYS Comic

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  • Now that I have my license, I can drive on my own! Don't worry mom, I'm a good driver.
  • I know, I'm just worried. I trust you, I know you're a good driver.
  • Emma, do you know anything about the dent on my bumper?
  • Oh gosh, I hope she doesn't..
  • Uh.. no? I didn't hit anything.
  • So mom, I have something to tell you. When I was driving dad's truck, I backed into a tree.
  • Oh god, I will handle this with your dad. You're lucky it wasn't bad.
  • Emma that's the second tree you've hit in like 2 months!!
  • A month later..
  • I will pay for whatever damage I need to. I just forgot to put it in park, that's all!
  • What you need to do is pay more attention to your driving!