Updated: 2/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Zeus forced Aphrodite to marry Hephaestus - the only ugly god - so he could keep her under his control
  • Aphrodite went against Zeus and took Ares as her lover
  • Hephaestus found out and caught them in an unbreakable bronze net in order to embarrass them, however Aphrodite was not fazed
  • Zeus made another attempt to control Aphrodite by making her fall in love with a mortal - Anchises - who thought she too was a mortal
  • After finding out who Aphrodite truly was, Anchises was terrified and told a few people which infuriated Zeus causing him to attack Anchises - paralysing him
  • Aphrodite helped her son - whom she had with Anchises - escape while carrying his crippled father after the fall of Troy