Auggie and Me
Updated: 1/23/2020
Auggie and Me
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  • Julian gets suspended
  • Julian, you are suspended for one week for bullying!
  • Unbelievable!
  • Grandma's Story
  • You know, when I was little and WW2 broke out this kid with a disability just like Auggie hid me.
  • Grandma's Story part 2
  • Everyone at school bullied him. As I stayed at hid house more and more we fell in love. He told me his name was Julian.
  • Unfournately he did not make it...
  • Julian gets suspended for two weeks because of a fight that happened with his classmate. The cause of the fight was Julian picking on a kid Auggie with a facial disease.
  • The parents opinions
  • Yeah, that stupid school shouldn't have let that boy in.
  • It's not your fault honey. It's normal to not be used to someone's differences
  • Julian's grandmother pays a visit after hearing about the situation. She bravely decides to tell him a story about her past hoping to teach Julian a lesson.
  • The dream
  • The grandmother painfully continues to tell her story. Julian is shocked and has a new change of heart.
  • The call
  • Julian hears his parents trying to make him feel better but knows that they are wrong and he should've just been kind to Auggie
  • Julian has a dream of him and Auggie being in WW2 (relating to his grandma's story). Auggie gets captured by the Nazi's after Julian tries to save him.
  • At the end of this story, Julian calls Auggie letting him know he is sorry for all the trauma he caused to him. Auggie accepts his apology.
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