The Sirens
Updated: 2/7/2021
The Sirens

Storyboard Text

  • Circe warns Odysseus about the tempting and deadly Sirens, and how they will sing in an attempt to seduce him and his men.
  • There's sirens.
  • Circe informs Odysseus that his men are not to hear the song of the Sirens, and that he will be the only survivor of the journey.
  • Put beeswax in all your men's ears, but you should hear them. Have your men bound you to the mast.
  • By the way all your men are going to die.
  • As they approach the Siren's Island, Odysseus is bound tightly to the mast and his men's ears are plugged. Odysseus does not inform his men about his and Circe's knowledge of their death.
  • The Sirens begin singing out to the ship as it gets closer, their song promising to tell of the future.
  • As Odysseus hears the Sirens singing, he begs to be untied, but his men "bent steady to the oars", paddling faster.
  • Untie me.
  • No.