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Updated: 2/17/2020
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  • mum i need the toilet!
  • This beach is so nice, its such a great space! We came in parked the car came down the path, and guess what we saw a snake anyway after that we just chilled out at the beach but now we better go ...
  • dont worry this beach also has a toilet block
  • This is my special place, a place is any part of theEarth’s surface that are identified and given meaning by people. it can be as small as a part of a room all the way to a world region
  • ahhh flying apples!
  • Environment refers to all non living and living things that enhances life. this natural environment is so beautiful, the rocks, it's flora and fauna, and of corse the stunning beaches. Other environments can be natural or man made, a man made environment is a farm
  • did you know his entire city used to be trees?
  • but trees are living things thats so sad!
  • I know its sad but thats what change is it happens to just about everything! some changes happen very quickly but some take millions of years but its good to know that the earth is always changing
  • hey sis how does the water flow keep flowing?
  • the water cycle which is an interconnection which is the way of all living and non living things No place or thing on Earth exists in isolation
  • ahhhh this place is terrible, it is wasting water, electricity, and so so much force. we've gotta be sustainable!
  • being sustainable is trying to support and maintain all living things. it is balancing the needs and wellbeing of the natural environment with the needs and wellbeingof humans
  • whats that?
  • .
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