If I stay
Updated: 12/1/2020
If I stay

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  • But what about Adam and Kim....
  • Well I have no real family....
  • Should I stay or leave?
  • MIa does not know what she wants to do. She has to make a tremendously important decision. If she dies, she will never see Adam (her boyfriend) and Kim (her best friend). She also will not be able to pursue her music dreams. If she stays, she won't have any real close family since both her parents and brother died in the accident.
  • Which high school should I go to?
  • Mia is in surgery and the doctors predict that she will die because of her unstable condition. The nurse whispers to her that "it is all up to you." She realizes that she has to make a huge decision.
  • Adam expresses to her that he really wants her to stay so she can pursue her music dreams. She finally makes her decision by squeezing his hand to signal that she is alive and staying.
  • I am going to UA!
  • Hmmmmmm......
  • I am going to ASH
  • Since I am in 8th grade, I have to make a decision about what high school I am going to! Throughout the year, I have been completely confused about what high school is best for me. It has made me very stressed just like Mia was stressed in making her life-changing decision.
  • One time I was really upset because I wasn't sure where to go. I told my mom that I had different friends going to different schools and that I was just completely clueless about which school I should attend. My mom told me that it was up to me just like the nurse in If I stay told Mia it was up to her.
  • At school, sometimes my friends talk about where they are going and try to convince me to go to certain schools. This is very similar to how Adam expressed to Mia about why she should stay.
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