assignment cold war
Updated: 12/12/2019
assignment cold war
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  • Korean War
  • north korea
  • south korea
  • the space race
  • containment
  • after the cold war, the united states and the soviet union divided Korea into two parts
  • Berlin wall
  • the space race was between Russia and the us to see who would get to space first. whoever did was the head of the space programs globally
  • cuban missile crisis
  • the us plan to stop communism from spreading past the soviet union
  • Vietnam war
  • this was the wall that the Berlin government is trying to take over all of Berlin and turn it into a communist country
  • this was during the time of the united states discovered the soviet unions missile arsenal
  • the vietnam war was actually a war that we aided in but no Vietnam vet has ever had any recognition for what they did. this was the only war that the united states has ever lost. it was one of the most grusome battles in history.
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