Updated: 7/24/2020
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  • First Satellite Created
  • First Prototype created
  • TCI/ IP created
  • Lets create the internet!
  • It's 1957 and Sputnik (the first known satellite) is launched into space by Soviet Union. Distressed Americans think that the Soviet Union will bomb them.
  • Emails are invented
  • It's the late 1960's and a prototype of the internet is created by APRANET.
  • World Wide Web is created
  • Now the 1970's, scientests Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn develop TCI/ IP. A communication software that proves data can be transmitted between several networks.
  • Social media takes over
  • It's 1972 and Larry roberts creates the email.
  • new mail
  • Now the 1990's, Tim Berners- Lee creates the World Wide Web. (often mistaken for the internet but was just hyperlinks and websites used to access info).
  • Social media takes over the world in 2010.
  • social media
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