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Updated: 3/25/2020
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  • Once there was a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier, fought bravely,and was always at the front . But then the war ended and his parents were dead and he had no place in his brothers heart.. He had No where to go.
  • But then a man in a green coat came to him making an offer that for seven years he cant cut his hair, clip his nails, bathe, or pray, and wear a coat and cloak that he would give him. he told him if he died he was his but if he survived he would rich and free. Then the Devil skinned the bear and said, ‘You must use this bearskin as your cloak, and you must sleep in it too, and you mustn’t lie in any other bed.And you must go by the name of Bearskin.’ Bearskin agreed.
  • Bearskin began his wanderings and gave much money to the poor that they would pray for him, to live out the seven years. After several years, he grew so revolting that he had to pay to get any shelter. In the fourth year, he heard an old man sobbing and found out that he had lost all his money and did not know how to provide for his daughters and could not pay the landlord, so sure to be sent to jail. Bearskin paid the landlord and gave the old man a bag of gold as well.
  • all the old man troubles were over he didn't know how to thank bearskin so told him he could marry one of his three daughters so he went home with the old man. when the eldest daughters saw him they screamed and ran away. But the youngest daughter said 'he seems like a good man helping you like that father and if you have promised him a bride i will keep your word for it.
  • after the 7 years were up it was his wedding day were he told the devil that he wanted cleaned up and that is what he did. he was so unrecognizable that the eldest sisters thought he was someone else and they flirted and simpered and thought they’d never seen a more handsome man. But the youngest daughter sat across the table from him, not raising her eyes, not saying a word. Finally Bearskin asked the father if he’d let them choose one of the daughters for a wife. At that the two eldest daughters leaped up from the table and raced to their bedrooms to put on their finest dresses. Each one thought she was the one Bearskin wanted.
  • As soon as he was alone with his bride-to-be, the visitor brought out his half of the broken ring and dropped it into a glass of wine which she drank and found half a broken ring in the bottom. He said'‘I’m your bridegroom, whom you knew as Bearskin. By the grace of God,I’ve found my clean human form again.’ they embraced warmly and the eldest sisters came in to see them happy. they were so angry that one of them hung themselves and the other drowned.
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