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Thomas Becket
Updated: 5/4/2020
Thomas Becket
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  • even kings should obey me
  • if a priest committed a crime they would have special treatment and get a minor punishmen t
  • I want control over the church of England
  • priests and monks will be tried by judges
  • why thank you
  • I am appointing you the archbishop of Canterbury
  • In the Middle Ages, the Church was very rich and powerful. The Pope – who was head of the Christian Church – claimed that even kings should obey him. The Pope said that if a priest committed a crime, he should be tried in special Church courts, where the punishments were not very strict.
  • can you please wash my feet
  • I will take charge
  • I shall read the bible soon and pray
  • But King Henry II of England (1154-89) wanted more control over the Church in England. He wanted priests and monks to be tried by the king's judges.
  • Will nobody rid me of this troublesome priest?'
  • Henry's best friend was a priest called Thomas à Becket. When the Archbishop of Canterbury died in 1162, Henry saw a chance to get more control over the Church. He appointed Thomas as Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • But when Thomas became Archbishop, he changed. He spent a lot of time praying and reading the Bible. He gave food to the poor and washed their feet. He wore an uncomfortable hair shirt like a monk. When Henry tried to get more control over the Church courts, Becket stopped him.
  • you will not I will stop you
  • Eventually, on Christmas Day, 1170, Henry lost his temper. 'Will nobody rid me of this troublesome priest?' he shouted out to no-one in particular.
  • Thomas a Becket was a proud and boastful man. He had insulted many of Henry's knights. Four of them saw their chance. They went to Canterbury, put on their armour and strode into the Cathedral.The knights killed Becket
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