Updated: 1/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Thank you!
  • business attire and using first name
  • Hi Susy! I love the color of that Sari!
  • So when should this meeting be?
  • That's perfect! I'll send out an email.
  • planning a meeting and approate business talking
  • 5 pm today?
  • Welcome Mrs. Anika!
  • $15 is alot more, maybe we should start with $5 an hour and then eventually go up.
  • Hi I would like to be paid $15 more an hour.
  • At 5 pm
  • using first name and punctuality and negotionating
  • We should meet in between and do $10.
  • Thank you for being on time!
  • After the meeting
  • It didn't go that good. We didn't get to go over everything.
  • Bye.
  • The meeting went good!
  • Oh really. I still think it went well. Well anyway I have get home. Bye
  • using first name and gift giving
  • We have an extra office, if you would like your own office you can have it. It will be my gift to you!
  • I would love it, thank you!
  • Goodmorning Zara!
  • Next morning..
  • overall entertaining and common phrases used
  • I love my new office!