comic book project

Updated: 3/10/2021
comic book project

Storyboard Text

  • you should eat before you arrive to your new school
  • the breakfast and milk will give her chemical energy
  • your right mom I am a little hungry
  • here goes nothing!!
  • mechanical energy
  • hmmm.. maybe I should try out for the basketball team but I need to practice first!
  • hmm.. well if it isn't the new girl with no friends hahahaha
  • since you think your so good at basketball I challenge you to a game against me
  • woah.. how did I make it in so fast if I was just standing on the ground 2 seconds ago?
  • The ball has kinetic energy causing me to shoot the ball in the hoop.
  • umm...alright I guess.
  • potential energy by blocking the villain from getting the ball but I start to feel the ball getting warmer as I dribble....
  • Thermal energy is being caused by the ball having heat making me run faster.
  • light energy
  • hey it's a bright day outside want to hangout with us new girl.
  • wow good job new girl that was amazing what you did at the game, I think I might have seen a little bit of heat on the ball hahahaha