Updated: 12/21/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The new president, visited the poorest places in his place and knew that he had to make a quick change.
  • I have to do something, find a quick solution, I cannot leave those children in these conditions of life.
  • As president I must first see the welfare of others and watch over their rights, and in that part it is not being fulfilled.
  • The president in his office analyzing how to help the greatest number of children.
  • WHAT?! As it can be possible, he did nothing, he should think of our people not of his new projects.
  • and sent you several recommendations on new projects.
  • President, the former president has already sent the activities to be completed...
  • One day before the meeting with all the people, so that they hear their new proposals.
  • Don't forget or neglect others, they all need you.
  • This time, I will change many things, I will do things better and think about them first but not about the beauty of big cities.
  • Look also for biodiversity.
  • Very good, that's how it is spoken