Computer types
Updated: 5/27/2020
Computer types

Storyboard Description

An old man walks into a computer store to buy a computer for his grandson's birthday.

Storyboard Text

  • Good Morning.How can I help you?
  • Oh, okay what kind of computer does your s-on want?
  • Hello I would like to buy a computer for my gra-ndson's birthday.
  • Of course here is a list of computer types.
  • I don't know could yo-u please show me some computers?
  • List of available computers. Personal computerLaptopMinicomputerTabletNetbookEmbedded computerServer computerWorkstation computer SmartphoneGaming computer
  • There are many types of computers but these ones are the most basic ones.
  • An old man enters a computer store
  • But if you want to know which computer is the best for your son ,i need more information.
  • If he likes video games ,he should get a gaming computer.
  • He doesn't know what kind of computer his son wants.
  • What does a gaming computer do?
  • The assistant shows him a list of computer types.
  • How did he know?
  • Hey Maj do you want to know what your coolest grandfather gave you for birthday.
  • The assistant learns that his grandson likes computer games and makes a statement.
  • Well he likes these things called video games.
  • The old man picks a gaming computer ,because it is the best for his grandson's use.
  • It has a really powerfull graphics card and CPU. Which makes it perfect for games that require high computing power.
  • In the end son is surprised ,because he got what he wanted without telling nobody what he desires the most.