Human Development

Human  Development

Storyboard Text

  • Shyanne and Jamal met each other at their job. They became bestfriends and later learns that they have lots in common. Jamal get on his knees and asks for her to marry him and she of course says yes. They later on have a wedding and gets married.
  • Shyanne later finds out that she is pregnant and Jamal becomes very happy. They have the child 9 months later and name their daughter Endiah.
  • They raise Endiah and prepares her before she goes to college. They face many bumps in the road with raising her but, they made her into a very smart and independent teenager.
  • Endiah graduates from high school and goes to Xavier University. Endiah moves out just to persue all of her dreams.
  • Shyanne and Jamal does everything together and tries to cope with not having Endiah around. They learn new ways to enjoy each other like they did before Endiah was born.
  • Jamal dies of old age and now Shyanne is left. Endiah tries her best to always take care of her mother.
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