Fire in the Meadow 2

Updated: 9/8/2020
Fire in the Meadow 2

Storyboard Text

  • Rose jumps into action and becomes Flower Girl, the superhero born with the power to control flowers and nature. Flower Girl quickly flies over the fire and uses her powers to create a strong wind which pushes the fire towards a deserted valley and away from the meadow. 
  • Yay! You saved the meadow!
  • Flower Girl uses her powers again to create a thunderstorm that puts out the remaining flames.
  • The fire has been extinguished! The animals start to return to the meadow. Raccoons wonder about and squirrels return to their trees.
  • Flower Girl tells the animals that fires are good for the forest, but can be extremely dangerous. The animals cheer for Flower Girl and thank her for saving their home.
  • Flower Girl saves the meadow, and Rose's secret is revealed to all!! The fire helps the meadow to grow healthy again. Trees blossom, flowers bloom, and the sweet grasses begin to grow.
  • The animals love Rose and feel she is a part of their animal family. They are proud to call her their friend and Superhero.