The Crusades
Updated: 4/8/2021
The Crusades

Storyboard Text

  • Sir! The Muslim Turks are only 100 miles away from us!
  • We must help out brothers in the east. who are under attack by the Muslims. They have beaten our Christian brothers in battle several times, captured them, and wrecked their churches. I urge everyone rich and poor to go help our brothers in the east. And you will go to heaven and be forgiven of your sins.
  • Yes! We have taken the Holy Land away from the Muslims!
  • Jerusalem is ours!
  • Time to go back home!
  • We have beaten the Crusaders at Anatolia!
  • Retreat! we have lost our battle at Anatolia!
  • Aaaaah! The Muslims have banded together!
  • Sir! Our force is not strong enough to attack Jerusalem.
  • Even though we made it all this way I will make a treaty.
  • Yes indeed they are.
  • Even though we lost the crusades at least our culture and arts are thriving.