War of 1812 StoryBoard

Updated: 5/15/2020
War of 1812 StoryBoard

Storyboard Text

  • War of 1812
  • Causes of the War
  • *hands Native Americans guns*
  • War in the East
  • The war of 1812 was a conflict between the U.S and Britain. The war would determine if Britain would take over part of the U.S. It would also decide the future role Great Britain would play in U.S affairs.
  • War in the West
  • The war was caused because the Native Americans were recieving guns and ammunition from the British. The Native Americans then used those guns against the U.S.
  • War in the South
  • In the East the British raided the Chesapeake Bay and the Capitol. They then burned down the Capitol and other buildings.
  • Effects of the War
  • In the west the battle of Lake Erie was fought. 9 British vessels attacked 6 U.S vessels. The Americans ended up winning.
  • In the south, Americans seized the city of New Orleans. They gained back the Louisiana Territory. They then found out the battle wasn't needed because two weeks before, the Peace Treaty was signed.
  • The first effect was the boost it gave to the U.S manufacturing production. The second was it made the cease the alliance with the Indian tribe, and third, they defeated Britain twice in 30 years which filled the americans with pride.
  • no more alliance