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Updated: 9/21/2018
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  • The Story of Arachne Emily Jane Rayneri
  • Everyone loves to watch me weave!
  • I must have the finest cloth in all of Greece!
  • How dare you say Athena could be greater than me!
  • Surly Athena has taught her... 
  • Crowds Started to gather... Many were wondering if Athena herself had taught Arachne...
  • Only Athena could be better!
  • She must have been taght by Athena herself!
  • Girl, you should never compare your self to the gods. Take back what you said before Athena comes for you.
  • You have been warned.
  • Do not tell me what to do you stupid old woman!
  • Act of Hubris Hubris is excessive pride. In this story, Arachne´s act of hubris is that she thinks she can weave better that a goddess.
  • Arachne had never seen any thing like it before. The old lady she had yelled at had become Athena herself! Grand and mighty, Athena stood towering above her.
  • Fine Athena, I challenge you to a weaving contest! But I think we both know who will win!
  • Not a chance!
  • Your talking about me right? I will crush you foolish mortal!!
  • Arachne was so angry that Athena had finished before her that her tapestry slowly started to resemble all the things that the gods had done wrong in as of their days.
  • I can't believe this goddess has finished before me!
  • Athena was so enraged when she saw Arachne´s Tapestry that Athena turned her into the first spider. She found this was the perfect punishment for Arachne, because she could still weave, but people would no longer watch her in awe.
  • Now, you shall always weave.
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