part 2
Updated: 11/26/2020
part 2

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  • (1) Yeah. It's a really nice city. It's also really safe. There are lots of nice people there
  • (2) Sounds Nice!
  • (2) Well, maybe, maybe not. There's not many things to do at night.
  • (1) Is there much to do at night?
  • (3) There aren't any nightclubs. There aren't many bars.
  • (4) So actually, maybe there isn't much night life.
  • (2) Yeah. You're right
  • (5) Thanks John
  • (3) It's a great place to have a family. There's lots of good schools and libraries.
  • (1) It sounds like a nice place to have a family.
  • (4) Wow, That's so cool
  • In Sarah's hometown there are so many good people living there, it is quite a safe town to live in
  • Sarah told John that in her hometown there were no clubs or bars so there was no activity at night
  • John tells Sarah that Sarah's hometown is a very suitable place for families
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