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Eric's world
Updated: 9/22/2020
Eric's world
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During one day as I was leaving from my apartment on my way to work, I saw someone tried to break into somebody's apartment and heard a loud noise. It sounds like it was a struggle between the people I don't even know. I observed it and witnessed the fight between a man and woman were fighting over insurance money. the man was alive but barely and the woman ran off the with the money I call 911 and see the woman with the money and the woman look at me and " Who the hell are you, What the hell do you want. She was arrogant woman to say the least and she was racist woman. My neighborhood didn't accept bigotry or hatred for people. Everyone in my neighborhood hates this woman and police arrested this woman for attempted murder . The judge said she is a danger to society and plead guilty. The man survived and said to the woman " I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL, YOU EFFING B." Life went back to normal and I am hoping that woman will never see the light of day outside.

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