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Making Forces Funny Part 2
Updated: 11/20/2020
Making Forces Funny Part 2
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  • Adventures in The Jungle
  • How did we end up in the middle of a rainforest! We were following the trail!
  • I don't kn- ooo a vine!
  • This vine is very stretchy! It returns to its normal shape after I stretch it.
  • I'd be careful if I was you!
  • I'm tarzan!- Ahhhh!
  • By: Eric Qose
  • Hmmm. The arrow on the compass is spinning in different directions! It's as if the Earth's magnetic fields aren't at play!
  • *thud
  • I know how we can get out of here! I almost forgot I had a compass!
  • Read first
  • Ten Years Later...
  • Scenario 1- Swinging on a vine. Two explorers are roaming the jungle and got lost. One of them decides to swing on a vine. Elasticity is the force that acts on stretched/compressed objects that always acts in a direction that will return it to its original shape.
  • Yeah we're never getting out of here.
  • A vine is an example of elasticity because it stretches when you pull on it and this makes it able to swing. When the explorer gets on, he starts swinging and falls because his grip slips.
  • The End
  • Scenario 2- Earth's magnetic field is gone. Earth has its own magnetic field that is strongest at the poles. This is the reason why compasses point North, they are pointing to Earth's magnetic poles (different from geographic poles.) If Earth didn't have its own magnetic field, compasses wouldn't work, and birds, like the one that falls, wouldn't be able to navigate/migrate as they depend on the magnesium.
  • The two explorers can't find their way out even after 10 years, and give up. They build their own home and live alone with each other forever.
  • Tip: Don't go off the trail when walking in a jungle.
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