Updated: 5/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • the narrator from his prison cell is writing the story of how everything in his life fell apart.Since he will die the next day, he wants to set the record straight, and tells us the story of his life...
  • He loves animals and has lots of them. As he gets olderup these qualities grow stronger. His favorite animal companion is his dog.
  • His wife loves animals too, and fills the house with a variety of them.One of these is a humongous, all black, super-smart cat named Pluto.
  • He started drinking again, one night he started to abuse his wife. thinking Pluto didn't want to hang he cut his eye.
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  • One morning, the narrator is overcome with a perverse impulse. He hangs Pluto from a tree in his garden, murdering him, claiming he did it because he knew it was wrong
  • That night, the night of the murder, the man's house catches fire and burns down. Only the man, his wife, and one servant are left alive.