AYP Tornado Drill

Updated: 5/12/2020
AYP Tornado Drill

Storyboard Text

  • Hi everyone, it's Ms. Erica! I am here to help you understand what to do in case there is a tornado while you are at AYP.
  • Emergency Preparedness for Tornadoes
  • What should you do first? If there is a tornado, your counselors will be ready to relocate you to the safest bathroom/shelter-in-place. You will go to the main bathrooms in the lobby of AYP. You should move quickly and quietly and follow your counselor.
  • If you are outside, be prepared to get inside quickly.
  • The area you are in may have a lot of people in it, so it is important to stay calm and quiet.
  • You will need to get into a specific position to help keep you safe. Sit or kneel facing a wall with your hands over the back of your head and neck .
  • If you get scared or nervous, don't be afraid to let your counselor know. We have books, card games, and headphones that may help you calm down.
  • Once, Ms. Lindsay let's us know it is safe to come out, you will return to your homeroom. Your counselor will do name-to-face before you enter the room. When everyone is ready we will rotate again! Remember to stay calm and listen to instructions!