The Reefs- How Theme Develops
Updated: 9/30/2020
The Reefs- How Theme Develops

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  • “What am I doing?” she murmured. Sophie’s worse habit was talking to herself in public. “I have been warned.” “You are just a high school kid, Sophie,” they warned. “What makes you think you are capable of solving this crucial environmental issue? Stop wasting your time.” The professors would not give her laboratory time to complete research nor would they share their expertise with her.
  • Exposition
  • Science
  • “I know that have an innovative approach to solving the coral reef issue and I know I can help,” she said to no one. The image of being ridiculed by these professors, delayed her entry. She stood outside the door, wanting to run back- wanting to hide- glued to the icy spot.
  • Setting: Science building, Protagonist: Sophie
  • Sophie went scuba diving and saw all the pollution and saw very little fish
  • "Hey, Sophie!” “I’ve been… trying to catch up with you,” he panted- out of breath. “Let’s go in and… show them… what you’ve got.”
  • Rising Action: Sam
  • Climax
  • Litter in the Coral Reefs
  • Great speech, Sophie
  • Falling Action
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  • Science