Updated: 10/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Zeus: Chained by your actions
  • I think what I did was right, I brought hope to mankind, but Zeus didn't see it that way.
  • Everything will be fine
  • In addition to stealing fire to give it to mankind, I also taught men all kinds of civilizing arts.
  • I taught them all these arts for more benefits than fire.
  • Don't do it, you will only bring the wrath of Zeus upon the Ocean itself.
  • I want to help you, I will go to Zeus to beg him on behalf of you Prometheus.
  • I think he will have to release you, your gift of prophecy will be of great help to protect himself (Zeus).
  • Hi. I'm Io
  • You will not have an easy life, but it will all end once you arrive in Egypt where you will have your son Epaphus.
  • Hera's rage and jealousy
  • Why do you torture me like this Zeus?
  • Zeus will find a mate and from this union will be born a son whose son will depose Zeus.
  • Moment of revelation in his mind