child development
Updated: 12/16/2019
child development
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  • I am eager to get started, I have so many questions.
  • Hello parents welcome, I look forward to a great class to teach you on what to expect from your two year old.
  • Hello Mrs. Erika! we are also very excited to be here with you today!
  • Remember to set your rules simple enough for them to understand and praise their good behvior as well as providing a safe environment
  • Yes, at this age your child might go through different sets of emotions which is totally normal since this is the age where they are exploring and learning that is all normal and expected behavior.
  • As mentioned above, your child can become easily frustrated when they find themselves unable to communicate, remember at this age they are still learning how to talk.
  • Should I expect mood swings from my toddler?
  • The playground, for instance, is the perfect place for your little one to explore their surroundings, develop social skills, promote independence, learning and creativity.
  • How can I redirect my child's innapropriate behaviro?
  • Mom, you need to let him understand that no means no, also, don't raise your voice, anger doesn't help, but do change your tone of voice this will help in making them undertand that your upset.
  • Thank you, having a two year old is not easy.
  • Is it true that at this age our children are testing us?
  • No, at this age your child's brain isn't well develop yet, therefore, they can't really control their behavior yet that is why you will many tantrums.
  • That is a very good question!
  • I'd like to thank everyone for coming today, unfortunately I did not have time to answer all of you questions today but I hope you learned something from me today. For more information about this stage of the life of your child you can visit the following website. There you will find useful information that will help you better understand your child's behavior.
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