Updated: 1/12/2021

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  • Take care a lot son, and study a lot
  • Don't worry, son, you will adapt and you have mastered English
  • Thank you mom, if I will do well in college, I am only afraid of English culture and its language
  • Thanks mom, bye
  • Hi, I'm Martín, what'syour name?
  • Great it was nice meeting you
  • I'm from the United States, I'm going to study at the University in London, if you have an English accent
  • Hi, I'm Cármen, youraccent is not English, where are you from?
  • Yes, British Englishis my mother tongue
  • Hi, I'm Martín, I seeyou're not from here, where are you from?
  • Hi, I'm Mira, I'm fromIndia but I live here a long time, English is my second language
  • Also, I wish you good luck here in London, that you do well
  • Thanks, bye
  • Nice to meet you, I'm from the United States and I just arrived
  • Yes, I have many history books, it costs three euros
  • Good afternoon, haveEnglish history books
  • Please give me one,thank you very much
  • Good night, can youserve me a pizza please
  • Thanks a lot
  • Good evening, what doyou have for dinner?
  • With pleasure, andwelcome to our country, I hope you like our culture
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