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Performance Task #1
Updated: 9/5/2020
Performance Task #1
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  • Values and Ideals
  • Man Vs. Society
  • Join Phi Beta Kappa!
  • No, your stupid club is stupid and titles are irrelevant.
  • Money is worthless! Go buy food!
  • Two themes of Into the Wild are that values and ideals are powerful and man vs. society
  • For rent?! Where is he!
  • Krakauer, John. “First Read: Into the Wild.”, Doubleday, 1996,
  • We see this early on in paragraph one when it says," He was offered membership in Phi Beta Kappa but declined, insisting that titles and honors are irrelevant."(Krakauer) This quote shows that Chris's ideals are strong influential factors in his life. It also acts as an example of how Chris himself believes strongly in his ideals. This quote also shows his disdain for society and if anything just urges him closer to going out into nature and abandoning society.
  • I hate this, at least I get to run away now.
  • In paragraph two the author writes," he would shortly donate all the money in his college fund to OXFAM, a charity dedicated to fighting hunger."(Krakauer) This detail explains how personal values can influence not only the lives of the individual people who hold those values but also other people. The reason this charity exists at all is because of the ideal that all people should have food. This quote also shows how Chris is knowledgeable of the problems in society and tries to help the people harmed by it.
  • All part of the plan haha.
  • In paragraph five Chris's parents arrive to his apartment and discover he's gone. His mom says" It made us very, very worried."(Krakauer) This shows how Chris believes in his ideals to the point where he is willing to sacrifice the happiness of his own parents for what he believes in. This scene also shows the conflict between Chris and his own privileged upbringing, as he both literally escapes his family he is also symbolically escaping the materialistic social class he and his family are in.
  • A line in paragraph six reads," He had spent the previous four years as he saw it preparing to fulfill an absurd and onerous duty: to graduate from college. "(Krakauer)This backs up and expands on my theme by showing how even a mundane value like wanting your kids to be educated can have a big effect on someone. It also shows how even though Chris wants to go and fulfill his own dream he still feels some sort of obligation to his parents: to society. Why would something like that hold him back when he's just going to abandon it anyway? This shows that Chris feels oppressed by society and even as it drives him towards his ideals and values it also keeps him stuck in a world he believes is immoral. The values of the greater society suppresses his own.
  • In chapter four Chris abandons his car," He could simply abandon the Datsun and resume his odyssey on foot. And that's what he decided to do."(Krakauer) This is an example of how Chris is able to justify his actions retroactively through his ideals, when in reality abandoning the car was never something he actually wanted to do. This is probably morally wrong but it still shows how Chris's values gives him mental strength. Ironically the only reason he got this far was because of the very society he despises.
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