Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Shot 1 Lady Macbeth gets a text notification.She reads the text: "Duncan King is coming over tonight?!
  • Shot 2 Lady Macbeth sits up alarmed. "No way, Macbeth is with him right now, and he would have told me if he was coming over, right? So I could prepare"
  • Shot 3 "Ugh, so if Duncan will come here tonight, this is our chance! Macbeth just needs to cause one little slip up and Duncan will be injured!"
  • Shot 4 Lady Macbeth paces the room. "Macbeth can take up the captain position on the team!"
  • Shot 5 "But..." Lady Macbeth sits down. "Macbeth is such a coward, he just won't do it. All these boys around me are so useless"
  • Shot 6 "I'm the only one around here doing stuff! My body holds no remorse, no compassion. Nothing will stop me from getting what I want. Not even God!"