ASL - 6 Topics
Updated: 4/2/2020
ASL - 6 Topics
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  • William "Dummy" Hoy was born 5-23-1862, in Houcktown, OH. He was a center fielder in major league baseball from 1888-1902. However, he was deaf so he could not hear the calls. That's when umpire hand signals were created in baseball. Hand signals are still used in baseball today. Hoy died 12-15-1961, in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Laurent Clerc was born 12-26-1785, in Lyons, France. He was born hearing, but fell in to a fire at 1 year old, and lost his hearing and sense of smell. Clerc was regarded as the most renown deaf person in American deaf history. After Thomas Gallaudet went to France to study under Clerc, they both came back to America and opened Galladuet School for the Deaf. While in America Clerc combined French Sign Language and signs he learned in America and created American Sign Language. He died 7-18-1869, in the United States.
  • 5 Parameters of ASL Hand SignsHand Shape = APalm Orientation = facing inLocation = on dominant side cheekMovement = wrist twistingNon-Manual Markers = None
  • Alexander Graham Bell was born 3-3-1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a hearing man, who thought deafness was a curse. Bell grew up with the value of speech, and thought all people should talk, even if they couldn't hear. In 1872, he opened a school for the deaf focused on oral teaching. Bell promoted oral education for deaf students and banned signing in deaf schools for a while. He was against people who were deaf and deaf marriage. Bell died 8-2-1922, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Helen Keller was born 6-27-1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. At the age of 2, Helen became sick, which caused her to loose her sight and hearing. Her teacher, Anne Sullivan, helped her learn to communicate. At first Helen refused to corporate with Anne, so they had to move to a cottage on the plantation so Helen would be force to corporate with Anne. Helen was able to go on and graduate high school and Collage. Helen died 6-1-1968, in Connecticut.
  • The electronic hearing hearing aid was invented in 1898, by Dr. Miller Reese Hutchison. He was trying to make something to help a friend who was hard of hearing, and ended up creating the electronic hearing aid. The hearing aid allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to hear sound electronically.
  • Marlee Matlin was born 8-24-1965, in Morton Grove, IL. She was born hearing but at 18 months sickness took her hearing from her. Marlee became and actress, and stared in the movie "Children of a Less God," ETC. In 1986 Matlin won an academy award for best actress from the movie. This made her the first and only deaf performer to win an academy award. Marlee is still alive today and is 54 years old.
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