Module 2 Discussion: Implementing SEL in Schools
Updated: 6/18/2020
Module 2 Discussion: Implementing SEL in Schools
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  • I have so much going on at home, with my friends, and my studies. What do I focus on first?
  • I don't have the confidence or ability to learn this..
  • Today we will be learning about Cell Structure
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Provides both adults & children strategies to recognize & regulate their emotions. They learn how to empathize with others, establish & maintain healthy relationships. With these skills they will have the ability to make constructive & respectful decisions. They should be taught in school and reinforced at home! Common language helps everyone understand
  • I can recognize my emotions & thoughts to help understand my behavior. I am going to communicate my stress and concerns with my teacher
  • I care about how you are doing today, lets do a check in, then we will learn about cell structure
  • Cut in hearing the voices of what students might be thinking of instead of focusing on the class content.
  • I'm sorry you feel that way, I am stressed with school & have been distracted by my parents fighting with my brother, I miss you too. Thank you for telling me how you feel.
  • Hey can we talk, I feel sad that we aren't talking as much
  • Fade away to an educator explaining SEL and why its important for everyone.
  • I didn't think I could do it but my confidence has increased with my SEL class and I am doing better in all of my classes! Maybe I'll join a sport too!
  • Fade in to a classroom that is implementing the SEL strategy of check ins. This gives the student the resources to identify her feelings so she can make decisions and focus on learning.
  • SEL strategies can help everyone understand themselves and others!
  • The student who learned SEL strategies realizes the importance of relationships and before the bell rings for the next class she communicates how she is feeling to her friend. They are able to talk and realize no one is mad at each other.
  • I had no idea that was all going on. Do you need any help?
  • The video will leave the window of the last class to join us on the track, our male student has now learned SEL strategies of Self-Management, specifically motivating oneself, and Self-Awareness in assessing his strengths, not just his weaknesses.
  • SEL benefits yourself, your peers, your family and your community.
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