Class - or Mass Comic Strip Case

Updated: 6/14/2020
Class - or Mass Comic Strip Case

Storyboard Text

  • Neptune Gourmet Seafood is North America's third largest seafood producer, known for its high quality product, sold at premium prices.
  • NEPTUNE GOLD Your #1 Premium Seafood Brand
  • Premium Product
  • Thanks to new technology, Neptune can catch bigger and better fish. Take that, competition!
  • Neptune Gourmet Leadership
  • Neptune Inventory
  • However, more efficient fishing means higher inventory - too high! Neptune's sales and marketing directors discussed what could be done to mitigate the problem.
  • Rita SanchezSales Director &Bigger Picture Seer
  • We should cut prices by 50%. We can create a new low-price product!
  • Let's take it to the council meeting.
  • That's crazy talk. Our premium brand perception would suffer!
  • Jim HargroveMarketing Director &Brand Protector
  • Later, at the Marketing and Operations Council meeting, Rita presented her proposal. She was met with some resistance.
  • But then our customers will realize both brands use the same fish and then will inevitably switch to the cheaper brand!
  • Rita's Proposal: Neptune's SilverA low-price, secondary brand to Neptune Gold.Pros:- Sell more inventory- Appeal to value-minded customers
  • The wine industry did something similar already - Bronco Wines used the overflow inventory of grapes to make a cheaper wine. Now, wine sales have grown because it's more affordable. Consumers are becoming healthier and opt for seafood more - why can't we do the same thing?
  • $1.99
  • Bronco Wines
  • $20.00
  • Neptune Gourmet
  • $$$$
  • $
  • Pat GilmanHead of Institutional Business & Wine connoisseur