Beware of what you post to the world
Updated: 2/4/2020
Beware of what you post to the world

Storyboard Text

  • Alright Manny! Good first day back at school? come on i got a treat for you.
  • Yeah! I just posted a photo on Instagram of me in my new school uniform outside our new house.
  • Oh no! what shall i do Matt?
  • Why did you do that? Now people can find your location and phone number through your school.
  • Take it down, quick!
  • ring, ring. ring,ring.
  • Oh no! It is too late. It a stranger.
  • I'm Cat Guy! I'm 10 years old, how old are you?
  • Hello, It's Manny.
  • It's incredible 2! How to be safe online.
  • Yay! Now we can all be safe, little bro!
  • Now I know how to be safe online. Thanks Matt.