Updated: 10/4/2018
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  • Chapter One
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  • Chapter Three
  • Pony getting jumped by the Socs in chapter one. At first Pony tries to just ignore the Socs while they're following him, but then they drive faster towards him. Then they get out of the car and jump him, but he gets cut by the switchblade and then the rest of the Greasers show up. The Greasers scare away the blue Mustang, then they try to comfort Pony but also scold him for going alone.
  • Johnny being jumped by the Socs in the flashback. There he was trying to get a football but the Socs showed up and he started getting beaten up. One of the Socs had rings on their hand and it left a scar on Johnny face. Johnny was always scared of Socs after he was jumped.
  • Pony getting hit by Darry for being late. FIrst Pony gets home and Darry is extremely mad. Then Soda is telling Darry to stop being so hard on Pony, then Darry complains that he is always defending him. Pony then sticks up for Soda and gets hit by Darry, then Pony cries while running away.
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