Updated: 3/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Remember how evil Banquo is.
  • His son Fleance needs to be killed as well. NO SURIVIORS
  • Are you manly enough to do this?
  • Yes Sir. We are ready
  • This dude is crazy
  • Yes. Our plan is not complete yet. There are still threats the throne
  • Lure Banquo in so he can be killed
  • Honey are you sure about this? It's getting out of hand.
  • Well what do I do?
  • I'm getting the heck outta here
  • Your time has come Banquo
  • Oh crap, Where did Fleance go
  • Macbethhhhh.....
  • AHHHH!! A ghost
  • It's okay guys just go out of the room. He's tired
  • Why are you meddling in the business of Macbeth?
  • I will take over from here
  • We are sorry Hecate
  • Banquo's death has been blamed on Fleance
  • Scotland
  • Same here
  • I believe it is that tyrant Macbeth