Mixed economy v. command economy
Updated: 11/5/2018
Mixed economy v. command economy
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  • In Command Economy the government is involved more into our country and is in charge of what will be produced.
  • Command Economy & Mix Economy
  • In a Mixed economy the government owns some property, the government can offer some goods, and can make some rules.
  • I refer that my community can be more stabilized since our government is more involved, there is plenty of availability which allows us as a community to grow.
  • In other words this is Economic Stability.
  • 2 goals that exists in both economies 
  • In my community we meet with Economic Efficiency because we have great ways to produce things where we can still meet up with our basic needs.
  • One good thing about command is that the government does not allow fellow citizens compete with one another and will promote fairness.
  • Positive results
  • Well in our country we are allowed to produce,sell, and buy without the government getting involved.
  • One bad thing that Command Economy has is that there is no private company in other words people can't sell things to make profit
  • Negative parts
  • One of the cons about Mixed economy is that there is many people who compete and does not promote fairness.
  • Now in some situation the government is the only one who answers the 3 economic questions 
  • For example the government is responsible for deciding what do produce, who to produce and how to produce
  • For example business are responsible for deciding what & how to produce. The only thing left to the consumers is to who to produce.
  • For our Economy usually businesses and consumers are the ones who are responsible for the decisions
  • Learning about your countries Mixed economy was very interesting while listening it made feel free.
  • It was nice to learn a little bit more about your country and its command economy. It sure made me feel a little trapped. 
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